A Bridal Groom’s Gift

A bridal groom’s gift is a very common reason women inquire about boudoir portraits. It’s a fun and sexy period of time in a couple’s lives, and it’s most definitely a fun and sexy gift! Bring me a veil and white lingerie or panties, and I’ll be jumping for joy! A lot of poses can be used to be playful with the veil, but also many to create a bit of anonymity and sass. We captured both spectrums of boudoir with this blast of a shoot!

She really wanted an implied nude artsy look…

Started a little playful with an open men’s shirt, next the bridal vibe, then super sassy bondage, and then she really wanted an implied nude artsy look and by the end built up the nerve to make it happen! We always start with the easiest of vibes, casual and playful, and by the end you’ve harnessed a lot more badassery confidence and can tackle the vibes you didn’t know if “you could pull off”.

Q: What brought you to book a boudoir experience?

A: I was always intrigued with the idea to do a boudoir shoot but was never confident in myself or my body. I would always say “I’ll do it after I lose X amount of weight, tone my stomach more, or as a wedding gift to my husband. I will for sure be skinnier by then.” Well then I had a baby and got engaged. So that loosing of the weight didn’t happen, if anything I got further from my goal, but with a wedding only 7 months after I had our daughter I knew I wanted to do it now. I knew the time was to decide was fast approaching and I went for it!

Q: How did you feel leading up to, and during your experience?

A: I was pretty nervous. I actually had to drive 3 hours to get to Amanda since I live in southwest Wisconsin. So the nerves were building the whole drive. That morning I literally brought a bottle of wine and as soon as my makeup as done and I was one step closer to the actual shoot my stomach was in knots! Needless to say I opened up that bottle of wine and had a glass or two while getting my hair done. Then Amanda and I went over outfit choices, from what I brought and what she had that would fit my vibe! As soon as the shoot started Amanda did amazing at hyping me up and even showed me a few pictures she already took on her camera unedited! That was all I needed for that boost of confidence to rock the shoot!

Q: Describe your experience to your best friend. Give us the hype! 

A: Literally as soon as I got the sneak peak I sent it to everyone! I told all my friends, my aunts, my mom, everyone! I told everyone that it was 100% worth the drive and that Amanda is amazing. Most the responses I got were a lot like my thought process before my shoot. “I have to lose weight etc…” But girls if there is one thing I can tell you is that you DONT need to lose the extra pound or two to do this. Amanda captures your best feature and ones that you may not of known you had! Just go for it! Its well worth it, not only for your pictures but also your confidence in yourself!

Q: How did seeing your final images at viewing make you feel?

A: LOVE LOVE LOVE Felt like a total badass and its been really hard to keep them from my fiancé since I love them and just want to show him like NOW!

Q: Has your experience impacted your personal life, self esteem, confidence, relationships, etc. in a way you’d like to share?

A: It has helped me love my post baby body like I never thought possible! Confidence and self esteem are no long a problem!

Q: Anything you’d like to add in your blog feature?!

A: If you are thinking about doing it…well… What is that saying from NIKE… oh yeah JUST DO IT!! You wont regret it