Wisconsin Boudoir – A Huge Publication Awarded

It’s not often that I take the time to enter portraits into competitions and submit to be entered into magazines, but every so often I see a particular one that catches my eye. I had just shot this session and had her image reveal session, which is when women let me know if they consent to their images being shared publicly by me. She said SHARE AWAY!

That week Bare Bones magazine’s theme they were requesting submissions for was simply “Red”. I was still fairly obsessed over this red bodysuit set that we had shot, so I thought, “Heck, I’ll toss one in.” You can only submit one image, and I sent the close-up booty. Booty is always a winner, right?  Well, they accepted it and found it worthy of adding to their magazine feature. For the final submission you can submit up to 3 total images, so I did. All 3 got their own pages, including THE BACK COVER Y’ALL! 

Getting acknowledged by my industry peers doesn’t pay the bills or grow me as a person in a humble way. Something I’ve tried harder to do this past year is getting away from seeking outside acceptance beyond those I actually serve. BUT IT ABSOLUTELY was an honor and SO exciting, for both me and my client! Now we both have a hard copy magazine to hold onto from “that one time”!