Planning Boudoir Session Attire Made Easy

When ladies inquire about a boudoir experience, usually one of their biggest worries is what they will wear, where they will get it and will it fit their body type. Here is a pretty painless guide on how to diversify your boudoir portrait gallery with different attire, without stress! The best thing, you can probably find most of it in your very own closet, or in my studio closet!

Now I encourage my ladies to have three or four different looks to really diversify their portraits with different levels of exposure and feel. We always start shooting in the outfit that leaves them the most covered and is usually a more casual laid-back look. I love white t-shirts or tank tops (which we can always soak later!), an over-sized sweater that will come of a shoulder or open cardigan, or even a pair of shorts/jeans. Everyone has something like this in their closet, but I have several of the items shown below too.

For a second look, a recommend a bra and panty set, or at least the same color. This is also something you can come up with fairly easily, even if you don’t have a fancy set, solid black works just fine. We can dress it up with a lace or sheer robe/kimono from your closet or mine for a little extra touch or coverage.

See! Easy to get a killer, diverse gallery without a lot of fuss or shopping! Are you ready to make an experience all your own?

One of my absolute favorite looks, no matter your body type, is a bodysuit. Yup, like a fancy one-piece swimsuit. They flatter, conceal the mom belly that most of us don’t love and they can have a lot of fun details that makes them so gorgeous. If you want to go one step fancier, look for one with attached garters and you can opt for stockings too! Most of these shown are also in the studio closet! Search Amazon, Yandy, Torrid, Shein, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Lane Bryant, Victoria’s Secret and Pink, Free People, Anthropologie and several others for one that appeals to you.

Your fourth outfit can be a wild card! Choose another outfit defined above, something you found in your search, or something with lower effort but high impact. One of my favorites that you don’t need to do a thing for and is perfect for any body type is a rolling in the sheets look. I have white, grey or flannel sheets available. We can also use a fur or knit blanket for some cover. Another near and dear favorite of mine is a dramatic implied nude look, with or without body jewelry or fancy panty accessories. I have several body jewlery pieces in the closet. I absolutely love the simplistic yet artistic look of these. Another simple option with high impact is a bubble or milk bath in the gorgeous, clawfoot tub in the studio bathroom. The stylized boudoir milk bath shoots are an additional charge and require additional planning with me.