“Maybe the hardest part of life is just having the courage to try.”
-Rachel Hollis

Owner & Main Photographer

Amanda Collette
E: amanda@purepoisephotography.com

Studio Located in Argonne, WI 54511

On location experiences considered.


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“I never thought is would feel some relaxed and okay with “me”. It was so much fun! You’re a true artist Amanda!”

“After my session with Amanda, I have a completely different view and respect for my body. Yes, I have stretch marks from carrying my beautiful children. Yes, I have an extra 15 pounds of wine, ice cream and cheesecake. But now I know that those things aren’t flaws. They are just part of the gorgeous, badass woman I am!”

“I felt AMAZING!!! Amanda made me feel relaxed and comfortable. After I saw one of my images on the camera, I was in shock. How could that babe in the camera actually be me?! The rest of the session was so much fun. And as for choosing my favorite images? Good luck! I love them all!”

“I may be 250 lbs, but I rocked it! Yup, totally tooting my own horn!”

“After having a child, I struggled with body confidence and when Amanda took my pictures I was soooooo nervous. But we cranked up the tunes and ended up laughing for the next two hours. I’ve never felt so comfortable or beautiful. “

“I have a low self esteem so it really helped when you talked me through everything and just encouraged me.”

“I’m very shy and have never done anything like that before. Five minutes with Amanda and my self esteem went up. She was so comfortable to be around and we laughed throughout the whole thing. It was an amazing experience. The pictures turned out so much better than I could have thought.”

“I was so nervous. I feel so amazing. I can’t believe that is me.”

“I’m so proud of myself!! Thank you for helping me out of my shell! You are AMAZING!”

“Most of my life I have struggled with my self image. Growing up I was overweight, and continued to struggle with weight into adulthood. I booked a boudoir shoot with Amanda to boost my self confidence and I could not have asked for a better experience. I instantly felt comfortable with her and felt no need to cover myself. I had so much fun during both shoots we’ve done.”

“Having done more than one session now, I have to say it has been absolutely amazing. I was nervous the first session, mostly because it was an outdoor shoot and around 14*outside! But Amanda makes you feel so comfortable and so beautiful that you really enjoy every minute of it. The images I received from the shoots are absolutely to die for and help me see myself as more than just a 30 something mom. This is an experience every woman should have at least once in their lifetime! “

“OMG I LOVE THEM! YOU ARE AMAZING! These are so much more than I envisioned!”