Hot Ass Engagement Portraits

A few years ago when I was asked about doing couple’s intimate sessions I declined, strictly out of fear of it being awkward and involving too many fine lines being pushed. Well, here we are now! HAHA Pushing all the lines and I’m loving it SO much! Couple’s sessions are SO not awkward in the slightest, because we are laughing and goofing around the majority of the time. I give very direct posing instruction to both parties, both visually and verbally, to create the emotion and visual impressions I want, without the actual scene feeling emotional or scandalous. My motto for couple’s wanting something saucy, “No one needs to know how Disney is made. The feeling of the scene is not at all what the visuals will represent.” I love when we are chatting away, cracking jokes, I get the shot and show them and jaws drop having no idea that their momentary positioning looked damn saucy with good lighting and angles!!

I don’t take your trust in me lightly, to respect and care for you professionally.

It is the best feeling when we are shooting some implied rated X scenes, having a chat about something totally unrelated about life, I say “relax” after I get the shots and we keep talking, and they just roll over/sit up to continue chatting just like they aren’t just sitting there nude. To be able to make an individual, or a couple, feel comfortable to walk around in the studio relaxed and nude is of the utmost honor to me. I don’t take your trust in me lightly, to respect and care for you professionally.  

I’ve only shot two handfuls of intimate couples now, but they are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I hope to impact a dozen more relationships in 2021 in seeing themselves in this often-sidelined intimate side of healthy relationships. More couples’ sessions coming up, but remember, it isn’t uncommon for me to not be able to share. Especially for saucy couple’s sessions, this couple was ULTRA AWESOME for letting me give you a peek at how diverse a session can be with a full release to share. How sweet or how saucy (with limits) your couple’s session is represented is completely up to your desire. This peek at their gallery is still probably only half of their images!  

Book you and your lover an experience like no other today!

Q: What brought you to book a boudoir experience?

Her: I saw Amanda’s model call for a couple to come in and do a shoot. Having already done a boudoir shoot for myself I knew I had to convince my fiancé to do this with me! 

Him: After seeing my fiancé after her first shoot and how excited she was walking out of the studio I knew it had to be something special. She really wanted a couples shoot and I thought that I wanted to give it a try too! 

Q: How did you feel leading up to, and during your experience?

Her: Honestly… I was excited because I knew that we would have amazing pictures taken by the end of the day but super nervous at the same time. Getting half naked, being sexy, and intimate in front of someone other than your other half isn’t something you typically do (at least for us). After I finished with hair and makeup we headed into the studio and within 5 minutes I was ready to get naked and create these amazing photos! “Ughhh Amanda can we just skip over the light and airy pics and get down to the hot and steamy” Amanda made it so comfortable, cracking jokes, making sure we were okay with doing this and that pose, helped us get in the right positions, and most importantly made sure we knew there was no kissing unless she said so! Lol! Even though we were taking sexy pictures and getting naked with one another getting “turned on” as most would say wasn’t even in the picture (at least for myself) just because all of us were in constant laughter, making small talk, and more focused on making sure we were holding the right pose. All in all it was AMAZING… I can’t wait to do another one!  

Him: I was definitely nervous and I wasn’t sure exactly how it would all go once we got there. Amanda did an amazing job of making sure I knew what to expect. Having my fiancé who had already done a shoot definitely helped because she was very comfortable during the whole experience already. 

Q: Describe your experience to your best friend. Give us the hype! 

Her: Best thing ever! If you’re not going to Amanda’s basement and getting naked to take pictures then you’re missing out! IT IS A MUST!! Even if you think you won’t look at the pictures after a week you’re WRONG! I look at mine from my first shoot and now the ones from the couple shoot ALL THE TIME! At least once every other day! Grab you’re keys get in your car and drive your a** to the studio to do a photoshoot with Amanda! Heck drag your partner out of the house with you. I promise you there will be no regret whatsoever!!

Him: I told my friends I was really surprised by how easy and fun it all was! It’s definitely an experience that will last a lifetime and created awesome memories! I know that it’s something out of a lot of people’s comfort zone but the atmosphere Amanda creates melts all the tension and you can tell she’s truly excited to be in the studio working with you!

Q: How did seeing your final images at viewing make you feel?

Her: SPEECHLESS… “Holy sh*t look at us” “Sorry Amanda these pictures are soooo breathtaking and HOT do you mind if we speed up the viewing and ordering process so we can go shut the bedroom door now!?” Seriously though it was an experience itself. Seeing the images we created together it made me realize a whole new side of myself and our relationship.

Him: My face hurt for quite awhile after the viewing, the smile on our faces seemed to last the rest of the day! Going through and picking photos for our physical album so extremely challenging because there were no pictures we wanted to get rid of! 

Q: Has your experience impacted your personal life, self esteem, confidence, relationships, etc. in a way you’d like to share?

Her: ABSOLUTELY… I feel more confident, sexy, sassy, and open to trying new things with my partner!!

Him: I feel like that was such an awesome step to take with my fiancé and I know we both love all the pictures. To have something like that to look back on is priceless in my opinion. Our self esteem and confidence has definitely grown. Our comfort level talking about boudoir with other people is off the charts and we recommend it to everyone!  

Q: Anything you’d like to add in your blog feature?!

Her: If you’re thinking about doing a session but not quite sure if you should schedule… JUST DO IT! Even if you think you could never look like that, do that pose, get undressed in front of a stranger. I guarantee you will walk away feeling like a total badass wanting to do more! Amanda makes it so fun and comfortable and if you don’t want to get undressed or do something she asks by no means do you have to! She works with you and what you want your pictures/shoot to be like. I know I’ll be having more pictures taken by Amanda in the future no doubt about it!! She’s amazing and what she does and I’m so thankful for the endless time, effort, and everything she does!

Him: To all the guys out there I promise it’s something that you and your significant other need to try. I promise you won’t die and you will not have a bad time! Plus when it comes to posing our jobs are very easy so you can kick back, relax, watch the show and let your girl do all the work!