Killer Dark Queen Vibes

After your first boudoir experience, all sessions to follow always lead to slaying creativity and bringing your deeper confidence! Check out Ambassador Kelly’s second session we shot last month. We definitely brought out her own personality in our art, using herbs and crystals since she is an amazing herbalist. She also loves Mrs. Morticia, so we brought out some killer dark Queen vibes outside since it had just snowed the day prior! Here are her views on the experience:

“Having this experience with Amanda honestly changed how I see the woman in the mirror every day.”

“The ability to see yourself from a new perspective is not easily done. We look at ourselves in the mirror multiple times daily and I’m not sure most of us really ‘see’ ourselves in any true way. We see our perceived blemishes, our collected experiences and our own impression of all of these things. I know that I have had a tendency to fall down a rabbit hole of negative self talk more days that I care to admit.  But, as women, we have more within us than we give ourselves credit for.  We work, run households, raise children, care for parents, and a million other things.  And this can be exhausting.  But, finding opportunities to see ourselves in a whole new way is just what we deserve.  Having this experience with Amanda honestly changed how I see the woman in the mirror every day.  I was encouraged to take this leap last year by my friend Wendy.  She loved her photos and I was blown away by what I saw.  They were definitely Wendy.  But Amanda managed to capture this whole other side of her, one that isn’t often shared with the rest of us.  After a few months of debate I decided I just had to do it.  Why?  Well, for lots of reasons.  I turned 45 and I figured I wasn’t getting any younger.  I had been so busy starting my own business that sensuality hadn’t been a top priority for about 2 years.  And finally, I decided that it was time to see myself from a different angle.  To push my own comfort level beyond what I thought I could do.  Amanda and her space is a magical ‘world between worlds’.  You need not worry about expectations or what others are thinking or how silly you feel at first. (By the way, you will be shocked how quickly you will be comfortable in various states of undress!)  This is a space of complete immersion into yourself.  It’s just you.  As bare or covered as you feel comfortable.  There isn’t a need to know how to pose, Amanda is the expert here and in her hands, goddess mode is initiated.  Follow her directions, lean into the experience and this is where the magic happens.  Her energy is contagious.  She helps bring out the parts of you that you didn’t realize needed voice. I didn’t go nude for my first shoot.  I was a bit conservative with a body suit, bra and panties and some gorgeous sweater shots.  That was all I was willing to do.  And the shots are amazing.  It’s me, all me, and this new perspective changed how I viewed myself on a daily basis.   When the call came out to be an ambassador for Pure Poise this year I had to do it.  Not only did I find the experience heart and mind opening (to myself – which, quite frankly, we could all use most days) but I wanted to share this with other women.  Let go of fear, let go of expectations and let go of how you see yourself in the mirror.  When it came to my photo shoot this year I shed the rest of my inhibitions and did full nude.  I wish I had been brave enough the first time, but I needed to see myself through that earlier prism first.  Indulge that part of you that has been dormant.  Get your makeup and hair done!  Wander throughout Amanda’s beautiful studio and give that woman inside you time to express herself again.  After the experience I can guarantee the ‘you’ that leaves will not be the same ‘you’ who entered.  Braver, more self possessed, more confident – these are the gifts that this experience gives you. It’s not just a photo shoot with pretty pictures. This a magical internal transformation. One you deserve!”  

Thank you and be whole,Kelly – Master Aromatherapist/ Master Herbalist