LGBTQ Safe Studio, A Couple’s Experience

2021 has been the year of diving head first into couples, and I have zero regrets! Individuals really come alive in their emotions and personality when their partner is actively present. It’s really an entirely different dynamic, and I’m obsessed. Pure Poise is a proud LGBTQ ally studio, and this was our first lesbian couple’s shoot! AND we get to proudly share some, yes maam 

Q: What brought you to book a boudoir experience?

A:I loved my first shoot so much I wanted to share the experience with my Fiancé. My fiancé showed my pictures off to everyone, well the appropriate ones lol and I wanted to give her something amazing to share but also to keep for us! 

Q: How did you feel leading up to, and during your experience?

A: So nervous! But also so excited! It was funny because I was more held back and nervous and I did a shoot before , my fiancé was jumping and bouncing saying okay what’s next?

Q: Describe your experience to your best friend. Give us the hype!

A: Actually I did and she booked that day! I told her not only is it the energy of the whole experience. Because Amanda is jumping around yelling singing and excited for you! She acts like she has known you her whole life! But you feel at home walking around strutting your stuff!

Q: How did seeing your final images at viewing make you feel?

A: I was so scared it could go one of two ways I won’t like any or I would like them all.. well I like all of them except 2 . I honestly couldn’t believe it. We laughed and giggled and said oh hot damn! And threw in some holy damns for sure!  

Q: Has your experience impacted your personal life, self esteem, confidence, relationships, etc. in a way you’d like to share?

A: Sometimes when your in a relationship you don’t look at yourself or your partner that way you use too. And in life you start to lose sight that you yourself are a sexual goddess! And you just need a kick to remind you that you are a goddess and that feeling that your partner gives you when you walk in the room and you lose your breath! This is what you need!