Rainbow Baby

A beautiful and bright rainbow follows behind a storm to give us hope for the future. A rainbow baby is a newborn baby following a miscarriage or other infant loss, to symbolism the same.

This woman has been a loyal client of mine for years for maternity and boudoir both, and also family back when I was shooting kiddos too. I wanted to give her a special keepsake of the rainbow idea since she had suffered two really hard losses before this pregnancy. We shot the sky bath (since the water was blue instead of white 😉 ) as our last set, and we were silent while I shot and she cried silently. It was beautiful and a step towards healing, and I am so grateful to have provided that moment, and also the memory for her.

But all the rest shot beforehand are just damn gorgeous! Some props brought in by her to nod to their family’s Native American heritage, some glamourous gowns, and some fine art nude. We just covered all our bases, and I’m obsessed.