Social Distance Boudoir

“So, I got a random message from Amanda proposing something crazy… a “social distance” photoshoot… where we shoot via an online meeting app. I was STOKED on the idea, we all know she’s a creative genius, but this idea was next level. I almost immediately accepted the offer. And boy oh boy am I glad I did. I took the morning to stage my home and do my makeup, then we jumped on zoom and laughed… like a lot… while creating some magic. Photos may not be top quality, but the experience more than makes up for that. Amanda is an incredible coach, she could make a KILLING being a selfie coach for the insta-baddies. 100% would do again. Loved every second of it.” – Ambassador Amanda W.

“So, I got a random message from Amanda proposing something crazy… a “social distance”

So today marks 3 weeks since I was last in the studio creating magic and helping a Queen blossom. I miss it y’all. Besides being out of work financially while this is all going down, it is also honestly a little depressing just not being able to get to do what really lights my soul on fire. I REALLY love my job, and I hope many of you who are at home are feeling the same way about missing the work you do. I love creating art with the female form, I love working with light, I love empowering ladies to see what I envision… and I miss it. A boudoir photographer influencer, Teri Ledgerwood from Canada, shared this idea of virtual photography and I jumped on board to see if I could spark joy even from afar! I hit up one of my Ambassadors and I got just as excited as I do in studio, even though it was super tricky and a true collaboration between the two of us to make it happen. Just what I needed! If this lasts much longer, I may open up my schedule for a few of these virtual play sessions! -Much love and excitement, Amanda