Lost Alot, but Found Myself

This was one of those sessions where “Fight Song” played on replay in my mind, she was reclaiming her life, her purpose, and doing it with a courageous smile. The majority of my client’s want a full retouch to their skin, and little nips and tucks. This lady though, she opted for just a soft glow but to remain very much herself without aggressive skin retouching, and I think she shines!

Q: What brought you to book a boudoir experience?

A: After recently losing my husband to illness, I felt like I needed a boost in self esteem and confidence. This photo session was the perfect solution, and made me feel beautiful again.

Q: How did you feel leading up to, and during your experience?

A: I was a bit nervous and unsure of what the experience would be like. Amanda made everything easy, built my confidence, and things flowed so well.

“This lady though, she opted for just a soft glow…”

Q: Describe your experience to your best friend. Give us the hype!

A: This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I was completely out of my comfort zone when I started, but after a few minutes, I was made to feel like a natural. The end results were more beautiful and sexy than I could ever imagine!

Q: How did seeing your final images at viewing make you feel?

A: I absolutely loved the final product! My photos were fantastic!

Q: Has your experience impacted your personal life, self esteem, confidence, relationships, etc. in a way you’d like to share?

A: Every time I look at these pictures, I see a beautiful, sexy, and confident woman.

Q: Anything you’d like to add in your blog feature?!

A: I would definitely recommend Amanda ! She is professional, upbeat, and instills confidence! Thank you!