Taylor Experience

This chick drove 4 hours to shoot with me, and good Lord was it a blessing! We created some FIRE starting portraits and completely changed her outlook on herself! Can I get an AMEN!
Q: What brought you to book a boudoir experience?

A: I have always been intrigued by boudoir photography. As a mom of 3, I was feeling the need for a confidence boost and also as a little something for the boyfriend. I needed to feel badass again!

Q: How did you feel leading up to, and during your experience?

A:Leading up to my experience I was super nervous! So nervous in fact, I forgot a few items and as I was driving up the night before, I missed a couple exits in Appleton thinking about it. Before I knew it, I was coming into Green Bay. Coming into the studio I felt welcomed right away but still on edge. As the pictures started, the nerves were fading fast, low and behold the confidence started to build! By the end I was feeling like a goddess and was floating out of the studio.

Q: Describe your experience to your best friend. Give us the hype! 

A: I never thought in a million years I would do this but I did. Amanda makes you feel so comfortable and she makes it known you can do as much or as little clothing as you are comfortable with! Do it, you will have NO regerts (regrets lol).

Q: How did seeing your final images at viewing make you feel?

A: I felt amazing and overwhelmed with excitement! Some of the pictures I swear I didn’t even recognize myself! It really brought a new perspective on what others see or would see of myself.

Q: Has your experience impacted your personal life, self esteem, confidence, relationships, etc. in a way you’d like to share?

A: This has impacted my life greatly! I went and bought some new clothes that I normally wouldn’t wear, feeling confident with my body. Some new items for the bedroom have been added and always make things extra fun for us. Most importantly, I’d say a better outlook on life and self-love!